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Would you know what to do if your partner or an adjacent party were injured on a multi-pitch climb?  Regardless of whether you lead or second, basic rescue skills are critical once you begin multi-pitch climbing.  Instructional topics include:

  • Preparedness, communication and rescue decision making.
  • Escaping a loaded belay system from above or below.
  • Rope ascending techniques with the use of prussik cord.
  • Setting up a basic Z-pulley haul system.
  • Friction brakes for lowering an injured climber.
  • Tandem rappelling techniques for use with an injured climber.

The goal of this program is to empower you to carry out a straightforward rescue from a high angle climbing environment. We use standard ACMG rescue techniques, but choose to emphasize practical applications instead of informal ACMG system memorization. In doing so, we present a unique rescue course that is more applicable to your climbing than any other on the market.

1 day $150.00 4:1

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