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First Ascents

  • Call of the Granite (5.11c A0, 23 pitches) Eldred Valley, BC

Multi-pitch Rock

  • Alaska Highway (5.11d) Squamish, BC
  • The Grand Wall (5.11a 2 hour ascent) Squamish, BC
  • Freeway (5.11+) Squamish, BC
  • Unfinished Symphony (5.11b) Squamish, BC
  • Beggars Buttress(5.11d) Yosemite Valley, CA

On sights

  • Gumby (5.12a/b)
  • Time For Livin (5.12b) El Portrero, Mexico
  • Flingus Cling (5.12b) Squamish, BC
  • Sweet Pain (5.12a) Red Rocks, NV
  • Burning Down The Couch (5.11) Squamish, BC
  • Rug Munchers (5.11d) Chek Canyon, BC
  • Yaak Crack (5.11d) Red Rocks, NV
  • Fall Guy (5.11d) Squamish, BC
  • Air BC (5.11c) Squamish, BC

Red Points

  • Project Grizzly (5.13b) Squamish, BC
  • Instinct (5.13a) El Portrero, Mexico
  • Surfa Rosa (5.13a) El Portrero, Mexico
  • Palm Sunday (5.12d) El Portrero, Mexico
  • The Syringe (5.12c) Squamish, BC
  • Pancea (5.12c) Squamish, BC
  • The Trophy (5.12c) Red Rocks, NV
  • Heinous Cling (5.12c) Smith Rock, OR
  • Geometric Progressions (5.12b) Red Rocks, NV
  • The Masses are Asses (5.12b) Squamish, BC
  • Black Water (5.12a) Squamish, BC
  • Minstrels in the Gallery (5.12b) Red Rocks, NV



Flingus Cling

White Rastafarian

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