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The very popular social activity of bouldering is the purest form of rock climbing and our female guides excel at it. By eliminating the complex rope systems, bouldering allows you to focus on movement skills alone, which promotes confidence, strength and camaraderie among friends. Embracing bouldering and all it has to offer can be one of the fastest roads to overall improvement for any climber. Topics include:

  • Safety and avoiding injuries.
  • Spotting techniques unique to Squamish.
  • Movement skills specific to granite bouldering.
  • Psychological skills for bouldering success.
  • Navigating the complex boulder fields of Squamish.

Squamish is one of the premier summer bouldering destinations in North America and hosts thousands of boulder problems to suit all levels. This course, taught by our female guides, is designed to introduce women to the beautiful world of Squamish bouldering and help get you started on the right foot.

1 day $135.00 4:1

Dates for 2017


[Photo of Pam bouldering near Pemberton.]
Pam Bourdon showing determination in the Pemberton boulders.

*GST not included in above price.

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